Levitt Reviews Mid-Season Replacement Shows (Fam, Schooled, Whiskey Cavalier, Abby, Mental Samurai, For The People)

I watch the Mid-season replacement shows, so you don’t have to

Fam- (Naw, my grade D)

The title of the show, “Fam” annoyed me at the gate. I instinctively resist watching any shows with cute abbreviations as titles, before you ask, I wouldn’t watch any shows called “Vacay” or “adorbs” or “Cray Cray” either.I caught the first episode and wasn’t impressed. The whole thing seemed like the cast was assembled at random as some kind of “diversity grab” a whole slew of mult-ethnic-multi genre actors such as Brian stokes Mitchell (mostly a broadway Actor) ( dramatic actor Gary Cole). Without a uniting purpose, it seems like this show assembled such diverse actors to merely appeal to the biggest net of fans. Such as just casting someone with an English accent for no other reason that just for overseas crossover appeal. In coming episodes I fully expect an introduction to Moishe and Abiha, the Jewish-Muslim couple from down the hall who, despite all their challenging pol/cultural differences, just manage to somehow just make it all work!

*The casts one bright spot is Odessa Adlon (“Shannon”) who seems too spunky to be weighed down by this hideous vehicle and should headline her own show.

Schooled- (Consider a Gap Year, My Grade C)


Intended as a direct spinoff of The Goldbergs. Schooled is populated by B-List Goldberg cast members such as the gym coach, Principal, and the obligatory Rush Fan whose now the school janitor.

I’m not sure the show’s premise- the travails of an music teacher in the 1990s- is all that compelling to anyone except possibly to another music teacher who taught in the 1990. in a relatively superficial decade like this whose main cultural landmarks were Grunge, the internet and The Monica Lewinsky Scandal, I doubt “Schooled” has all the right stuff to be a great time capsule show like “Happy Days”, “The Wonder Years” or even the tepid, “That Seventies Show”. Without any major artistic/cultural movements to add spice, this show is forced to mine the characters for material. Unfortunately, They prove largely stilted and two-dimensional: the shorts wearing gym coach, the confrontation-phobic principal, and the Finger-less shop teacher are one-joke characters that would seem more at home in a short spoof than a long running sit com.

Whiskey Cavalier- (Okay, I’ll take a shot!, My Grade B)

A clever spin on the well worn dynamic of a male/female spy team. The duo are hired to save the world and still find the time to squeeze a little romance. Yep, nothing like when your eyes meet longingly after shooting an Enemy Of The State In The Throat!

When I first started watching this show, I felt Scott Foley was just too long in the tooth to pull off being an international FBI Spy and man of action. He always struck me as a guy who would be more comfortable parked on the couch watching the History Channel. But he’s surprisingly winning as the “emotional” Spy. His character offers a cute spin on the archetypal and stoic James Bond . Foley embraces his sappy middle….he pines over an old girlfriend and Wells up at weddings. At first, the major weak link of this show at first was Lauren Cohan (“Frankie”, fellow agent/romantic interest) Initially, her character seemed cold and snide but as the show has progressed, the writers are letting her show more of her vulnerability while still keeping her kick-ass nature intact.

Abby’s- (This aint no Downton Abbey, My Grade D)

A low rent Cheers. A woman operating an unlicensed bar in her back yard . might seem like an edgy concept. but, after watching a few episodes, the show seems half baked. the bar is composed of the most straight-laced barflies I’ve ever seen. More like a collection of regulars at a Panera Bread than hardened drinkers. The Middle’s, “Neil Flynn” plays a Norm-like character whose always there. The show has requisite, stiff old guy who never says a word. The show aims to be an ensemble of lovable losers like Cheers. However, Cheers had top notch writing staff and what would turn out to be a cast of breakout stars with immediate appeal and charisma. Abby, the designated “Sam Malone” leader of the bar has only one major character trait.: gruffness. Pretty deadly for a service oriented business like bartending. Unless writers can infuse Abbey with more humanity… maybe she has a sick aunt somewhere or sponsors a cat orphanage Otherwise, if everything stays the same, its going to be grim sailing ahead.

***Shows I haven’t actually watched but nevertheless saw fit to review anyway

Mental Samurai- I Prefer Mental Ninja!

Rob Lowe’s Mental Samurai Follows the trend of A or B list celebs hosting game shows: (see Alec Baldwin , Ellen Degeneres,and Jane Lynch). Lowe, a preternaturally well-preserved relic from the Brat Pack & scandalous sex tape that nearly derailed his career, would not be my pick for a show called, Mental Samurai. With Lowe at the head, the title, “mental” would seem more “personality- appropriate”. The “loopy’ premise of the show is that people must answer questions while zooming around in a rotating capsule seems designed by a masochist. With people spinning violently around in a chair, Tums and Pepto Bismal should sponsor this debacle. Now, if they could instead force people to have to answer tough questions while sitting through Lowe’s embarrassing/unsettling sex tape from the 80s, Now, that would be awesome TV!

*For The People- (How about “For The Air-Sick Bag”)

A Mid-Season replacement show that I have never watched. The name sounds too idealistic to be a show about attorneys. If they called it a title that was a fairer representation of the legal profession like, . “Billable Hours” , then maybe I’d take a shot.


Levitt Rates RomComs 2- The Second Batch.

Okay, maybe its your 23rd time watching Darcy kiss Bridget Jones in the snow or your 38th time witnessing a pink shirted, Mr. Thacker admit he’d been a “daft prick” in front of a roomful of paparazzi…and your desperately searching for more.

A year ago, I wrote my first article on reviewing the best/worst rom-coms. * Levitt Reviews Rom Coms .Well, I’ve decided its high time to compile another, second batch of films to get your Rom Com juices flowing once again.  Its a mixed bag.  Some bad some excruciating.  But, if your attention spans permit, I  promise a few laughs along the way and a hey, maybe if you hang in there, you might find that your true love for this article was there all along 🙂

Forgetting Sarah marshall. (B-)


This movie should have been called, forgetting Jason Segel because, with his pathetic sad sack personna , Segel proves easily the least interesting character in the whole movie and perhaps the most boringly morose character ever committed to film.  Glumly drifting from scene to scene, he says his lines with lazy half-smirk, like the dosage for his anti-depressive meds was always just a little off.  Compared to him, Kristen Bell, Paul Rudd, and Jonah Hill seem to bounce of the screen and turn in their most winning performances to date. In fact Segel was so charisma-less, that,throughout the film, I actually found myself admiring and rooting for the hedonistic foil, Russel Brand  (Aldous Snow), to run off and live happily with both Sarah Marshall (kristen Bell) and Mika Kunis. The other major problem I had with the film was, Why all the frontal nudity? In Segel’s self written script, he  he kept opting to show his penis in scenes where his character felt particularly vulnerable.  I don’t know if  Segel ‘s nudity was some form of self-flagellation to punish himself for some past sin or maybe he wanted to show how he could truly sacrifice and get truly “naked” for his craft. Perhaps,  all things considered, maybe he just wanted to immortalize his manhood for film posterity. In any event, I wished dude had the sense to censor himself and had kindly put his gun back in it’s holster.

P.S.  one Muppet-like musicalized version of Dracula is one too many for me!

You’ve Got Mail.(C) or you’ve got 2/12 hours to kill.


You’ve Got mail hearkens back to a simpler time when owning a book store actually meant you had a chance to turn a profit. In the films Tom Hanks portrays a kind of driven, “ruthless” book store executive. How are book store executives ruthless?  Kind of like saying he was a Tough-as- Nails Disney Store Greeter.

This film annoyed me right out of the gate because I came into the thing knowing that if you’ve got Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a film together, we know their getting together.  So, we have to just hang out for about two hours and watch Hanks and Ryan pretend they don’t get along only for a mere thirty seconds or so of kissy-face at the end.

You’ve Got Mail also contains Tom Hanks’ most pansy performance to date.  In scene after scene, Meg Ryan’s character unloads some lame-ass put down like calling Hanks a “Suit” or accuse him of being profit driven (really, someone in business profit-driven, the shame!) Hanks meekly responds to Ryan; slinking away hurt and licking his wounds like some sensitive six year old (MWAAAH, you said mean things to me!!!).   By the end of the film, I’m confident that most women in the audience were silently hoping that Hanks would just man up and grow a pair.

P.S: Please Note: chatting online back and forth online is not  cinematically compelling.  If Hanks and Ryan decide to do a film where their just texting each other or swapping emojis, definitely count me out

Shallow Hal (C)- Hands Off The Girl In The Fat-Suit. She’s mine!


How Did they pitch this one to producers?  How About Jack Black as a romantic lead?  Sure he’s physically un-appealing but, get this, he’s also shallow!  Ladies You’re gonna love him!

This film’s premise is beyond loopy.  Tim Robbins motivational speaking skills gives a shallow lug, Hal, High Powered beer goggles to the 100th power.  Hal is put under the spell of thinking women with inner beauty have outer beauty too.  Apparently, women who are both beautiful on the inside and out just don’t exist in this one dimensional rom-com world.

Finally, by the end of the film,  Hal’s  girlfriend Rosemary (formerly a svelte Gwynneth Paltrow is revealed as really a bloated paltrow in a fat suit). Hal claims that he finds the new Rosemary “beautiful” but unlike Rosemary -when offered any type of food- I just find this concept too difficult to swallow. Simply stated, one’s vision of beauty cannot do a complete 180 degree turn in just a matter of moments.

The Holiday


(Ditch The House Swap guys, you’re better off with a stay-cation)

Jack Black once again rears his ugly head as a Romantic Lead. Let the swooning commence!. Couple 1 (perps)  Kate Winslett and Jack Black.  I never thought I’d be writing the same actors names in the same line much less describing them in a love affair.   The odds of these two being paired up on a dating website much less finding love together must be astronomical .  If Kate Winslett ever had the misfortune to meet Jack black socially, she would probably resort to alerting security and having him bodily removed.  If Jack Black ran into Kate Winslett, her  unnasailable class would probably inspire him to quickly down a hard drink and retreat quickly into the bathroom.  Compared to Jack Black, Kate Winslett and Eli Wallach share considerably  more chemistry onscreen.  Age difference and age-related memory loss aside, I think the odds were more in favor of this generation-challenged duo ending up in bed together than seeing Winslett and black swap tongues.

Couple 2 (perps): Jude law and Cameron Diaz, though not as hideously inappropriate a couple as Winslett-Black, also seem to be working too hard against their public personas (Jude Law as flagrant, nanny abusing man-hoar) and Cameron Diaz ( one of the highest paid celebs in the world) that, although both might take a tumble together if drunk enough, I found it hard to buy into the long term constancy of their love.

P.S. With the possibility of loss of security, theft, even threat of bed bugs  you would think their would be a stronger vetting process for two women looking to swap houses in different continents. Despite the exotic locales or ritzy accommodations, I don’t think one email or phone call would be reassuring enough to me to change hemispheres.

*Quick Bursts-  

Avoid: Bridget Jones Sequels- Frankly, I’d rather see a “Titpervert” Prequel!

Avoid any rom coms starring any actress whose first name starts with Z . Zosia Mamet (The Boy Downstairs-boring and awful) and Zoe Kazan (“Why If”-What if you did virtually anything else than watch this) . Please Note: I haven’t seen The Big Sick Yet (in case its good)

The Proposal and Definitely Maybe.  Ryan Reynolds is equally bland in both.  I liked definitely Maybe better because of Isla Fishers winning performance.

Her- Man falls in love with his device. Hey,  Join the club!!! A Self indulgent Joaquin Phoenix and an audio-only Scarlett Johanssen.  Just the gift nobody wanted.

Levitt’s Take On The Premiere Of “The Connors”


I was never the hugest fan of the Roseanne show.  Not a particular devotee of  family style-sitcoms,  I didn’t warm to Roseanne Barr’s brand of prickly matriarch snark.  However, I did respect the show’s writing and the easy, playful rapport she enjoyed with her TV husband, John Goodman.

When it came back this year, I watched mainly for its controversial nature and buzz but then found the characters to be too generally too old-in-the-tooth to be funny/likable in their old roles.  John Goodman seemed like he had been through triple bi-pass surgery, Laurie Metcalf seemed  in quick need of fluids, and only Roseanne Barr’s bodily systems seemed to functioning adequately by comparison.

when I first heard the story of Roseanne Barr’s so called racist tweet. The whole thing seemed just one big over-reaction. What’s that you say, Someone being mean on Twitter?!!!, stop the madness!  People say crass things on the internet all the time.  Nowadays, that almost seems its main reason for being. Facebook too, once a place just to post vacation or kid pics now, post-election has  morphed into a place to trumpet daily hatred of the current administration (you think Trump’s  a dick, I think we got it)… and of course Trump’s un-relenting daily twitter tirades.  So, I just could not fathom why Roseanne Barr was the scapegoat who got fired over one ill-advised tweet. To me, it seemed inseparable from everything else you see on Twitter. I still feel the whole thing could have blown over if they did some self-mocking storyline on Roseanne where she Tweeted something accidentally racist and got instant flack/ heat from everyone she knew.  Valerie Jarrett could have even guest starred as herself and earned herself some extra “cool points”.  Alas,  I guess the political climate is too raw for that now.

When the show’s pseudo-reboot, “The Conners” premiered yesterday, I was not sure what to think.  I really didn’t expect comedy greatness.  The other characters are too reactive to be good protagonists. Love her or hate her, Roseanne was always a bundle of feisty comic wit.  Sarah Gilbert is too laid-back and taciturn to be the comedic fulcrum of the show.

I didn’t really understand why the show had to kill off Roseanne’s character as punishment.  She tweeted something offensive, she didn’t kill anyone.  Also an Opioid overdose seemed unnecessarily awful and out-of-character.  It would have been  better if she never really died or if  only her twitter account was put out of its misery. But,  the show cheerlessly chugged on without her. Goodman, without Roseanne to bounce-off, appeared lost and pathetic and the other characters, mostly forgettable anyway, seemed like mere place-holders to what the show once was. In general,  The entire cast had a shell-shocked, sleepy vibe… like they had just awoken from an anesthetic after getting a colonoscopy.  The spirit of “R” hung heavy on the whole episode and I found myself feeling pissed that she wasn’t there.

Another thing which cast a pall over the premiere was that I know that Roseanne (often inseparable from her TV Character) didn’t really die but was forced off the show kicking and screaming in a very public way. Far from dead,  Roseanne Barr is still very much alive and vocal on radio, tv (Rabbi Shmuley, anyone?) .  At various times during the show, I could have sworn I could hear her spirit chime in and ominously intone, “for shame!”

I’m not blaming the cast for continuing on without Roseanne. They are entitled to work and make money  but  if often seemed like they were hopelessly clinging to boat that’s been torpedoed and quickly taking on water. I’m sure the viewing audience was also in denial about the prospect of Roseanne’s passing.  I sincerely doubt anyone was really tuning into “The Conners”  to hear the latest “Darlene News”, see Dan sadly polish his old motorcycle, or deeply cared if Becky ever really got it together.

There was something so gutless about the Network’s decision to fire Roseanne about an unpopular, possibly racist tweet. Roseanne always did ridiculous, questionable things.    She butchered the Star Spangled banner and married Tom Arnold!  Its not like TV is a bastion of high values or elitist entertainment anyway.  In the 1970s we had racist Archie Bunker, in the 80s we had the morally challenged, Morton Downey and Jerry Springer. Ultimately, with such douchebag behavior exhibited on their actual shows, I never thought TV Networks put any stock their stars did in their off-hours that much as long as they brought in the ratings.  There’s even a show currently on the air  called “Hillybilly Handfishing” for christ sakes … obviously TV doesn’t care about decorum or taste. There’s simply an audience out there for for people who adore watching un-refined people fish with their hands, so lets give it to them!.

I do condemn Roseanne for publicly tweeting her views. As a rule, My eyes glaze over every time any celebrity get political. Without the petty cares of the everyday person,  they often come across as either insincere, daffy or self- serving when they wax political. Plus, I already give people like Jim Parsons enough of my time watching The Big Bang Theory.  Why do I also have to listen to what he thinks about tariffs for China?!

I’ll continue to tune into the show for a few more episodes . Whether there’s enough of a show there once the fog of Roseanne has lifted is anyone’s guess. But, I guess its truly too late to hope the rest of the cast suddenly unleash a spate of racists tweets, in solidarity for Roseanne, and get fired from execs from ABC…only to be scooped up by a new Roseanne Reboot on the Fox Network.



Levitt’s Early Take on the 2018 Fall TV – I watch All The Shows So You Don’t Have To

God Friended me– (B) ( I guess “God Poked me” sounded too sexual) 


“Simplistic skepticism super-imposed with do gooder-shenanigans.” Its about an Atheistic podcaster that gets a Facebook friend from a “God  account” and  is. “Divinely led”to interact with random people in need.   My main quibble about this show is that the Protagonists disposition is frankly too sunny to be a credible skeptical atheistic podcaster.  He seems more like a friendly barista or a guy peddles Gelato on Spring Street. Amiable Miles (played by Brandon Michael Hall) seems like he coasts smoothly over life’s peaks and valleys.  The “People in peril” situations which just seem to convenient drop in Miles lap are never really explained.  Why is Miles chosen to help these people and why are these people singled out for redemption?  Who knows? Makes you wonder why Miles has all this free time on his hands to help these people out. Guess he has real flexible work schedule! Still the casting in this show is so good, it makes up for the relentlessly saccharine and do-gooder plotlines.  Miles is aided by his insecure techie friend, Rakesh (Suraj Sharma) (*every new show seems to have an insecure tech person, Maybe sign these guys up for an assertiveness training course )   Miles other friend/love interest is played by the likable Violett Beane who also apparently enjoys a very lenient work schedule when it comes to Good Samaritan Extracurriculars. I’m giving this a B mainly for the casting and potential.

The Neighborhood(c) (guess the deleted working title of this show was, “There Goes The Neighborhood”)


 The show is basically an updated, reworking of the “The Jeffersons” where a nerdy white guy moves next to a gruff black guy in an all-black neighborhood. The Jeffersons, though, as helmed by Norman Lear was a sharper written more character driven vehicle.  The Neighborhood, though, leans on easy riffs on black/white superficial differences White Meat Chicken, white/black chess pieces rather than actual plotlines . A few clever one-liners and presence of Cedric the Entertainer elevate it just above average.

Single Parents (C+) (Sounds like a Personal Ad you may want to skip Over


Premise: a support group of mismatched single parents who  Fill in, babysit, offer advice, and act as sounding boards  to help each other navigate the waters of single parent-dom. I usually hate sit-coms centered around kids ( cue the crying and poop jokes!!) .  Luckily, the kids on this show are mainly window dressing and, the ones which are featured are of a less whiny, poopy disposition. Clever/unique situations and at the offbeat, inspired casting of Brad Garret as a gruff dad to young girls elevate the semi-precious material to downright tolerable status.  If I were casting the show, I would just fire the other cast members have Brad Garett father a brood of kids and live in a trailer.  Sounds like comedic gold to me.

Manifest- Manifestly Un-interesting (C-)


(C-)- a semi-intriguing premise weighted down by humorless, narrow myopic plotlines and an earnest but criminally un-charismatic cast.  The show’s about a commercial airplane (flight 828) which disappears from radar and then five years later suddenly lands safely at an airport.  After watching the pilot of this show, my first reaction  was, who cares that these people were gone for 5 years .  I can easily say these are 170 of the most forgettable people to ever board an airplane. Guess their personalities never made it past customs.  Actors Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas head up this unremarkable ensemble and I’ve forgotten them already.  In Truth, I couldn’t care less about the show’s central  mystery… what person or alien presence abducted these people from their lives for so long and why.? But if I ever do meet the person/presence responsible., I will offer them a very hearty thank you and suggest a speedy return trip for all aboard.

Happy Together- The Turtles  Called And Want Their Song Back (C-)


Premise: disillusioned pop-star moves in with his accountant and wife. If I had a dime for each time that happened!  The show is positioned as sort of a generation-gap comedy.  But the difference in ages is not significant and the odd-couple premise (pop star/boring 30 somethings) is fangless because the pop singer lacks the requisite abandon and indulgences his contemporaries (drugs, getting into trouble, womanizing).  and the couple he lives with, though square, are too agreeable to give any bite to typical roommate friction.  Due to the squeaky clean characters and escapist premise.I think this show would work out better on The Disney Channel.  That may be its future destiny if it gets cancelled.

New Amsterdam- Not Your Father’s HMO


Yes, just when you thought it was safe to turn the channel…yep, another show set in a hospital.  This medical drama is distinguished from others in the genre mainly in that the hospital’s medical director spends the whole day walking around asking, “Can I help” to any random patient he encounters walking down the hallway. But, I’m not sure this helpful hands-on philosophy works with a hospital since most avg. hospital patients, since they have all kinds of tubes in them, feel vulnerable and, when approached , tend to shrink into a self-protective shell  Also, you can just see this  director awkwardly showing up at some inopportune moment during a delivery murmuring, “Can I help” or peeking over a sensitive discussion about a girl’s first period, offering his own ham-fisted take on a girl’s first monthly visitor.


Kill The Casting Agent! Levitt Explores Why T.V. Shows Fail



The recent axing of several new TV Shows recently has inspired me to try to make sense of the carnage. clearly many shows are obiviously shelved due to poor time slots, inane premises, or just good old fashioned bad writing. However, more often than not, I feel that bad casting is at the core of viewers deciding to switch channels.

Alex Inc-  Braff In Charge????


Ordinarily popular Zach Braff should should never ettempt to play anyone who is in charge of anything. On screen, the last thing the congenial Braff  exudes is a sense of decisiveness or authority.  In any conceivable workplace,  it seems un-imaginable to picture Braff managing anything more nuanced or pliable than a sock display.  Furthermore, with his feather-weight, nebbishy personality,  it was ridiculous that he would be cast as the boss of noted tough-guy actor, Michael Imperioli, (previously “Nicholas” from the Sopranos) . To most half-awake viewers, Braff and and Imperioli thrown together in an office can only have one conceivable final outcome… after a few tense seconds, Braff finding himself on the receiving-end of a violent pistol whipping.

Just Say “No” To Imaginary Cast Members:


Clearly TV Viewers don’t cotton to invisible characters that only the lead can see.  With the cancellation of a whopping four shows with imaginary characters this season: “Kevin probably saves saves the world” ,”Imaginary Mary” with Jenna Elfman,  and Jane Lynch’s “Angel From Hell”.  These characters often prove obnoxiously devilish, cutesy or overly sanctimonious, in the final analysis, there must be some logical reason nobody else can see them. “too annoying for this world” gets my vote.To me, the appeal of imaginary friends, peaked with “Harvey The Rabbit”

9JKL-I Think I got your Role By Mistake


The casting agent for the show 9JKL should be sued. On its face, the decision to cast Mark Feuerstein and Dave Walton as brothers makes no sense.  Carlton is a foot taller than Feuerstein and other than being Caucasian, both men share little of the same physical features .In addition, the decision to cast irresponsible/smarmy looking actor, Dave Walton, as a married doctor and boy-scout appearing, Mark Feuerstein, as divorced actor seems insane.  Obviously, the actors two should have swapped roles because they seem ideally suited to each other’s parts.  Perhaps the cast list had mixed up their roles or a stage hand hand given them the wrong sides and they just stayed with it. Whatever the reasons,  I have not seen such a head-scratching casting decision since  Henry Winkler “The Fonz” was hired as the spokesman for “OneReverse” a reverse mortgage company.

“Kevin Can Wait”- Take My Wife…Please.. or “Quietly Kill, Then Replace”


Erinn Hayes,  who was cast as the wife on “Kevin Can Wait” didn’t work.  She wasn’t horrible but Hayes’ regular, classy laid-back style couldn’t keep pace with Kevin James’  frequently physical, larger-than-life zany comic energy. So, In a quick Knee-jerk response, the show  quickly decided to end her character’s arc by killing her off. The death was accomplished with all the swiftness and discretion of a mob hit. Nobody saw it coming and the cast barely spoke about it. Quickly, the show teamed Kevin James with his partner from “King Of Queens”,  Leah Remini and  rekindle the old “familiarity breeds contempt” relationship they shared as husband and wife . Now, though, they were just co-workers.  The same contemptuous bickering that is so relatable in an average marriage just doesn’t wash in the workplace.  That’s why companies force you to go through harassment prevention training and take a test!

Please Report to Tim Meadows’ Office


*Sometimes casting choices out of left field just work . During his SNL heydey, I would never have suspected that Tim Meadows had any kind of a knack for playing school principals.  But every time he appears as a principal in “, “The Goldbergs” “Teachers” etc. amazingly he shines. Some actors , it seems, are destined to play important roles (King Lear or Winston Churchill), Tim Meadows was born to make teenagers tuck in their pants and spit out their gum.

Actors Who Are Always Cast In The Same Roles (part 2)

Matthew Mcconaughey


He Aint Nothin’ But A Horn-dog

Whatever he’s playing, an attorney, stock trader, or high school drop out, one thing is for sure, Matthew Mcconaughey is playing a character who is horny.  He takes roles of people who never do anything by halves and are always “up” for a new sexual conquest.  So, you will never see Mcconaughey playing a deprived or sexually repressed role like a priest or an avid stamp collector.  It could be Matt’s wolfish/evil smile, his tan skin, spaced-out acting style…or maybe he used to be a  fat, dateless teenager and is using his screen career to overcompensate… I don’t know.  but whatever the reasons, one thing is clear…if you’re a respectable woman and you see this Mcconaughey sidle up to you at a party, I’m not sure if you would want to go feeding him any oysters.

Joan Cusack


She Aint Heavy, She’s My Sister

Its a good bet that if Joan Cusack is in a film, she’s related to one of the leads…Sister, cousin, aunt. Perhaps its her quirky, non-sexually threatening looks that always guide casting agents to pick her as supporting sibling or maybe its the fact that she has appeared in 10 films with her actor brother, John Cusack (usually playing his sister). Although determined looking and usually put-together, Cusack usually gives off the reluctant whiff of resignation/caution and that she lets the film’s protagonist do all the heavy lifting.  It is my impression that if Cusack was to play a role whose character would throw sisterly caution to the wind and take some risks ( Jump into a burning building to save a cat or Eat NY Street-meat) this (twice-nominated actress) would actually win an Oscar.

Martha Plimpton


It Rhymes With Witch

Physically, Martha Plimpton looks like someone who just keyed your car. The sarcastic and satisfied smirk on your face lets you know that she either just screwed you (in a non sexual way), is in the process of screwing you, or will someday take you out on the back stoop and deeply screw you.  I say screw you (non-sexually) because Plimpton’s characters would never want to leave open the possibility of a mutually satisfying screwing. Her characters just enjoy being  evil.  So, you’ll never catch Plimpton donating coats to the homeless or working the phones at the “Make A Wish Foundation”.  Plimpton gets plenty of work as an evil foil.  Maybe casting agents put her in a lot of films/tv because they genuinely fear the prospect of  her nasty retribution.  Well, All I can say is, if you find yourself cast as one of Martha Plimpton’s Co-Stars, make sure all your life- insurance payments are up to date.

Loretta Devine


I’ll Take My Eggs With A Side Of Sassy

You will never catch Loretta Devine playing a librarian.  She wants to be loud and noticed. asserting herself in her cheeky, blustery way Devine tends to play roles which are constantly demanding their rights whether or not the situation warrants (such as school administrators, social workers, or buttinsky aunts). Not content to just get her way. Devine’s characters always seem to always want her co-stars to admit and even loudly proclaim that she was right.  Also physically lumbering, and  I would never want to see Devineplaying a part where she would be in charge of anything delicate. Museum curator-( then, adios one-of-a-kind King Tut Skull!) or hospital phlebotomist ( then, “whoopsie, sir, sorry about that massive scar on your arm”.)

If you didn’t catch part 1 of my “Actors Who Are Always Cast In The Same Roles” article, just click this link: https://wp.me/p6Hm24-1J

Levitt Reviews Cobra Kai (**1/2)



In a free two episode promotion I was able to catch YouTube Red’s new web-series “Cobra Kai”  online.  Being a big fan of the original Karate Kid film, I was curious to see how good/bad-cheesy The New web-series would be.

Early on in Cobra Kai,  a wary Daniel Laruso turns to his original rival, Johnny Lawrence,  and cautions “Hey, lets not rehash the past”.  Well If you are a Karate Kid fan who  wants to relive the spirit of the original film, you may enjoy Cobra Kai’s fateful, nostalgic journey.

Cobra Kai reunites Ralph Macchio (Daniel Laruso) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence)  34 years after the original Film.  “Danielson” now middle-aged is a smug, self satisfied and successful car dealership chain owner and Johnny Lawrence is a struggling Home repairman.

In a series of ridiculous coincidental meetings, ( Johnny has his car wrecked, by Daniel’s kids, and it is conveniently towed to Daniel’s car dealership home office) predictably, after the duo meet in person old tensions bubble up and resurface. Have you ever known old tensions in these action films/ shows to cool over time?


One of the major elements which made the original Karate Kid film successful was that the title character was a fresh, down-and-out underdog who stands up against his school bully and, against the odds, wins the “All Valley Under 18 Karate Championships.  Now, though, Danielson underwhelms as a boring , domesticated over-dog. His main problem, other than too much disposable income, seems to be rescuing a drawer-full of his swim-trunks from the teenage genitals of a group of neighborhood kids who evidently never thought of the concept of “bringing their own” to a neighborhood pool party. Its hard to work up any sympathy for these “rich people problems”.  And the fact that Mr Miyagi’s star protege has matured into a successful car ship dealer? wow! Not that I expected Daniel Laruso to grow up to do something great…like form a new school of philosophy or make significant breakthroughs in the field of stem cell research…but having this promising kid grow up to be something as prosaic as a car dealer?

The deeper more sympathetic character in Cobra Kai, at least on paper, is “Johnny Lawrence”, he’s been fired, living in a cheap part of reseda, forced to eat stale pizza slices at a strip mall convenience store and taunted by commercials for Laruso’s Auto’s car dealerships . Ordinarily, his character should be more humble and likable. However, the creators of the show seem to want to keep Johnny both down and a dick. Once a dick always a dick I guess…at least in the psychologically stunted world of Cobra Kai. Johnny also seems trapped in high-school; blasting 90’s heavy meal music from his vintage sports car, mooning over his old fight trophies… I’m surprised he still doesn’t sleep with a picture of Elizabeth shue (ali) from the first Karate Kid under his pillow.

Strangely, after a tense initial meeting with Daniel, Johnny, in a moment of epiphany, suddenly decides to get revenge on his old nemesis by opening his own Karate School. I was confused by this plot-point.  Someone needs to explain to me how how opening a new karate Dojo punishes a guy who owns a successful car dealership. To my untrained eye they seem completely different consumer groups.

Anyhow, a rivalry between two karate obsessed teenagers seems acceptable.  As middle aged men, though, Daniel and Johnny “throwing down” just seem more like weekend warriors who picked karate over a good game of paintball. I think Both characters would be more credible waging battle over their colonoscopy results than by engage in a rousing karate fight.

Besides the two leads, I am not a big fan of the casting of Cobra Kai. Daniel’s wife is played by actress known for playing pampered/bossy roles such as “Claudia” on Mom Courtney Henggeler, and Daniel’s daughters read as generic teenagers who lack the pluck of the original movies. Also, for some inexplicable reason, the producers thought it was a good idea to cast Ed Asner as Johnny’s step dad. I guess they just lumped them both into the “Grumbly actor category” without taking Ed Asner’s distinguished emmy winning career into consideration.

Don’t get me wrong, Cobra Kai is more enjoyable vehicle than the movie sequels to the karate kid simply because it does not try and stray too far from its original template and it locks in the nostalgia factor by landing Macchio and Zabka to play their original roles. Karate Kid 2 was more of a okinawa based love story, karate Kid 3 was just a tired re-tread with a homicidal villian, Karate Kid 4 was a disaster set in a peaceful monastery and the remake with Jaden Smith, although spirited, seemed like a pale, color by numbers re-creation of the original which lacked the chemistry of Macchio and Morita.

Cobra Kai, although passable, is in desperate bad need of a Miyagi’s sage character to add gravitas and a moral compass to this otherwise testosterone-filled feud. Ralph Macchio, although a nice and amiable screen presence, never seems to be able to convey characters with any kind of intellectual depth. In short, he does not read like he’s very bright on the screen. so, to me, it is more effective when Macchio has a sensei who can provide him with a strategy and game-plan. Otherwise, he’s just some likable doofus who knows some fancy karate moves.

In the end result, although I enjoyed seeing Macchio and Zabka mix it up a little, I don’t think I was tempted enough to plunk down the $10 a month fee to invest in a month subscription to YouTube Red.  To me, that would just be rehashing the past.