Things You Never Hear Exiting A Movie Theater


“I don’t think Hugh Grant blinked nervously enough in that movie”

“Al pacino is a little hard to hear. He should really learn to project. Perhaps he should just bark out some of his lines like an army sargeant.”

“Wow, that Tim Burton Remake was even better than the original!”

“Russell Crowe needs to do more southern accents. The results are really satisfying.”

“That was a powerhouse Keanu Reeves performance. Oscar worthy.”

“I couldn’t decide if that film was more Merchant Ivory or Farrelly Brothers.”

“I felt Drew Barrymore came across too bright in that film.”

“it’s a pity Morgan Freeman didn’t imbue that historical figure with more dignity and gravitas.”

“I don’t think Oliver Stone’s usage of bad father/good father imagery in nearly every one of his films is heavy handed at all!”.


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