The Year Of Female Empowerment


So far, this TV season seems to be the year of female empowerment. Each female character must now show that she is both the mental and physical equal of every other male character.  For example, in the new show “Blindspot”, the female protagonist, “Jaimie Alexander” cant JUST be a woman stranded alone in TImes Square who suffers complete amnesia. No, she also must posess kick-ass fight skills on par with a super-hero.  Sure, she forgot who her mom was or her favorite color but she conveniently remembers how whip the asses of two martial arts experts in record time. She’s quirky that way.  So, don’t ever make fun of her inability to name all the Beatles because “mama don’t like when you make fun of her brainy wainy”.  

This season will also introduce a new version of “Supergirl” to the viewing public.  It goes without saying that she’ll be insanely strong and fast but the shows producers may also have to work at tempering her physical prowess with an equally feminine side to be more pallatable to middle America..  So, expect her to whip out a few verses from the poems of Emily Dickinson, as she’s mercilessly bashing a thiefs skull in. While she’s not in leotards and cape, watch her to don a frumpy robe and pig-out on Mallomars as she binge watches The Bachelor from her couch.

Similarly, shows like “Limitless” and “Quantico” will now introduce kick ass female fbi agens (aren’t all FBI Agents kick-ass though?) and “The Blacklist” has even promoted FBI Agent, Elizabeth Keen to fugitive FBI Agent, Elizabeth Keen so that she can-like a cornered animal- prove even more formidable when attacked.

Like most trends, It won’t be long before this years female empowerment theme spills over into politics. conveniently, this year we have two women running for the top political office in the land. (incidentally 2 women is not that many as the crow flies, but two more than usual). With Clinton and Fiorina vying for top banana, enterprising  Execs might come up with the brilliant idea to pitt them against eachother and their male counterparts in some sort of televised cagematch. So, in one match Fiorina might be forced to lock horns with Chris Christie (this match will no doubt be sponsored by planned parenthood).  Hilary Clinton may not be able to hide-like she did her classified emails- from the agressive counterpunches of Donald Trump in their anticipated match-up.

With the rise of the strong female protagonist in the recent slew of shows comes the inevitable demise or “demasculation” of the strong, take-charge, male protagonist. The male stalwarts of many of today’s dramas have been sidelined to be house husbands (Secretary Of State), riding a desk, or in some thankless managerial position where their sole task seems to be to shout bitterly at their female kick-ass subordinates to “Just go by the book, damnit!”


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