Actors Who Are Always Cast In The Same Roles

Ron Rifkin


how many roles can this man get playing the concerned father? Age, it seems,has not been kind to him. He looks high strung and particular. constitutionally, He just looks like the kind of guy who would send his food back a couple of times and still eat it under protest demanding extra table condiments. Maybe Rifkin should consider going on along vacation where he can just decompress…or maybe someone should just give him a token emmy or tony already so he can just breathe out already.

Leslie Mann


 Perennially cast as the Taken-for-granted and ignored wife in such films as The Other Woman, 17 again, knocked up, and this is 40. She’s in so many bad marital relationships in films and always plays the victim. However, now my assumption, as an audience member, is that she’s in so many failing relationships, that maybe she’s the problem. Instead of my sympathy going out to her, now I’m like what is wrong with you that you’re driving all these men away? Analyzing her movie work, I’ve come to the conclusion that her “go to”acting expression when the camera is on her is a cutting smirk where she seems to be  looking at her husband and seems to be thinking: “geez look at this guy, I could have done so much better”. Maybe if she looked less like she was constantly rating her husbands like a good watermelon, maybe she would be cast in more happy marriages.

Michael Cera


cast as the well-intentioned nerd in such films as Juno, Scott The Pilgrim, and Superbad and just about everything thing else he ever did. Obviously, his physical wimpiness and high pitched voice would preclude him from being cast in traditional male roles who display even the smallest amount of testosterone. Yet, once Cera begins to age and bald, what roles will be left? An old nerd in film/TV is just creepy. So, what’s left for Cera except for playing outlier freaks or pedophiles? except for perhaps being cast as “Karl” in a new Stage Version of “Slingblade”?, what new acting challenges lay on the horizon for this dorky dude? My advice for Cera is to enroll in both a weight-training class and an actors “Voice Deepening” workshop to expand his repertoire.

Judy Greer


 An Obligatory actress. Ever try and read her IMDB Page? don’t. You’ll have more success trying to slog through James Joyce’s Ulysses. She’s cast In virtually everything as the best friend with flexible morals. But, why is this actress in virtually every movie or TV show. Her on-screen personna doesn’t incite an immediate connection in the same way that Reese Witherspoon or Tom Hanks do. Her acting chops though decent are not undeniable enough to make a director cry out out “get me Judy Greer!” But she gets so much work she appears to hold the balls of Hollywood in an iron vice. Its gotten to the point that if a TV Show has been on for more than 3 years, they should just install an electronic countdown timer to how quickly Greer will be cast as something. I’m not really sure why Greer is in everything. Is her agent on steroids? does Hollywood have some kind of back- room Judy Greer Quota? Her appeal is truly mysterious to me. The only thing I can think of is that casting Judy Greer never threatens the other actors while on set or distracts from their star-power when on the screen. Simply put, she blends. Therefore, Hiring her presents a low-risk factor to film/tv producers who are interested in the bottom line. To a thespian, clasicallytrained in the method of Stanislavsky, there can be no higher artistic praise!


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