Levitt’s Tees-Off On The Presidential Process


The Debates (I think I rule!)-The debate format forces you to boast about your experience and qualifications. But my question is, are you the best proponent of yourself?  Its hard for you to be completely objective about your own strengths. For example A lot of people think they have a good sense of humor, are intelligent, have taste. But anyone whose ever gone on a blind date with someone you met online, though, knows The criterion for these characteristics is widely divergent and completely open to argument. In addition,anyone, despite how modest or negligible their accomplishments can, if asked, present a reasonably compelling narrative of their worthiness.  For example  “For the last 32 years I’ve managed to despite many obstacles; breathing, sleeping, finding food and shelter despite a very planet of other people striving to do the very same thing…in addition I’ve managed to not die, get over colds, avoid inclement weather by staying indoors, strived to find food and shelter for myself and my family and hold down a paying job.”  Every human being does these things but by listing them and saying them with conviction and suitable pauses for dramatic effect, you sound like you’ve really accomplished something.  Obviously, then since a debate serves in large part to tout your accomplishments, it does not favor those candidates who suffer from the egregious quality of humility.  How damnable that one cannot brag. They deserve to roast in hell for their lack of confidence. Surely, your lack of confidence spells your ultimate ruin! But how can you be truly confident you’d be a good president if you’ve never done it?  most skills after all do necessitate some amount of practice: guitar playing, learning a language, writing, acting, so why would someone have the confidence to KNOW that they would be a great president without any real presidential experience.  Sure Jeb was related to one and Hilary married one but, despite the questionable “talent by proximity theory” I’m not entirely sure how this proves anything except that it might take you a shorter time than a complete newbie to get up to speed.  sure, Its nice to have prior job skills as senator or governor)but as anyone whose ever been out in the workforce, skills,though somewhat transferable, between jobs, can also be  widely divergent depending on interoffice politics, new software, corporate stability,  dealing with adversity etc, new situations, hostile workmates) all play into the mix of success

The side by side comparison


 Debates are also formats in which opponents are expected to compare and contrast their opinions and cast their opponents in unfavorable or ineffective lights.  In this case the candidates hand pick and string together a list of the their competitors worst faults: “Do you know that Jeb Bush often misses the bowl when he pees?!  Do you realize that you aware that he needed training wheels on his bike for 6 weeks before he could ride without them?! once got a d on a quiz in 10th grade Trig, Trig!  now if he can’t handle simple trigonometry how do you think he’ll fare as your commander in chief?!”. .. But my record speaks for itself, I never needed training wheels, was a whiz at trig, and now, as my wife will fully attest, can successfully pee in the toilet without extraneous spillage, right honey?”

Innapropriate displays of emotion-


recently kasich hugged a supporter in a town hall meeting to provide consolation.  Pundits went crazy calling this a human emotion and lauding his decency.  But do we want our president to respond physically/emotionally to misfortune or offer offer practical solutions?  IE  do we want Oprah in the Whitehouse?  maybe some people say  they do what humans, not machines making decisions but I wonder what it really matters if casich is in touch with his feelings and not above a big bear hug.  In actuality, when will the man be called upon to “hug again”.  Not really sure there is all that much hugging in politics.  Coaches slap on the back, parents hug, friends high-five.  We already have people for that.  Politicians are supposed to shape policy.

Hilary Clinton- Vote for me…You owe me



Hilary Clinton is the master of the wounded pride character.  She’s done so much for our country how come we’re not impressed? Every time I see her speak she seems to be sending out a subliminal signal, ”  Can’t you see how I’ve sacrificed?  Devoted my life to public service stayed with a man who cheated on me numerous times, for what? for what?  At times, She tries to hide her entitled, martyred feeling but, to me, it always seems to poke out at the wrong times and her face appears to be chastizing the voter for not dutifully supporting her. I think she’d win over more people if  She, at least, appeared to be grateful and not naturally entitled to votes.  This I feel, in essence, is at the heart of her waning lack of appeal.



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