The Thumb Wrestler- A Film By Mark Levitt


I’ve been writing screenplays for comedy films for about 14 years now.  Before that, I loved to make comedy tapes.  You remember old cassette tapes?  You can still find them in some flea-markets/garage sales. Well, I made cassette tapes worth of comedy (short sketches, news bulletins, actual taped shouting matches with my family members etc).  I did sketches on pop culture (all self voiced, complete with dramatic musical scores/sound effects  Wierd Al, Eat your heart out! )which I would hand out to classmates, family members, and anyone else who had a spare 15 minutes in their lives to kill.  Although my tapes attracted a small cult following…really small, I never really took off commercially. I still have most of them in a shoe-box in the event that my career takes off late and fans rush to purchase/gobble-up anything Levitt.  Here’s a link to a youtube audio snippet:  Youtubecomedyaudio



Then, when I hit about 36, I decided to try my hand at screenplays and found I had a knack for funny/absurd dialogue. Most of my screenplays were about my own experiences…work, family life, and were usually dark, therapeutic and chock full of my own neurosis.  They usually involved some sort of power struggle:  worker/management.  Family/in-laws.   But again, most of them were too low budget/niche to really appeal to a broader audience.  You can check out all of them.  Just google Mark Levitt in Mark Levitt on Vimeo or Mark Levitt On Youtube  if you ever have a spare  afternoon to kill.

Flash forward to now (2016) with my most recent comedy film, Thumb Wrestler. It was truly a blast.  I had a great time writing and editing and have just completed the major filming (locations in midtown and Greenwich Village New York Sept 10th/11th).   It includes a cast of 10 great actors and an extremely talented director and cinematographer.  I am really very proud of the writing and the talent of everyone involved. Hopefully, because of the popular sports theme, it will appeal to a broader group of people than those I can just nudge or bug into checking it out.   It will probably be another several weeks before the editing will be complete and the frenzied studio bidding war to begin 😉  But, I just wanted to take time out from my hectic TV Viewing, Facebook posting, family pro-bono psychiatric therapy schedule to reflect  and champion the merits of the Thumb Wrestler. Check out the facebook page: Thumb Wrestler Page  Stay Tuned Folks!




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