Levitt Reviews “The Affair 3rd Season Finale” Bonjour And Bon Debarras (*Spoilers)


The 3rd season of Showtime’s “The Affair” captures Noah escaping his familiar Montauk/ Fishkill, haunts to…France?  I guess it was inevitable that by introducing a French Character to the show, they’d have to send him to France if only to allow the new French actress (Irene Jacob) to speak a few lines in her mother tongue.  True to the well-worn cliche,  Noah does do all the French touristy things…cafes…bookstores, and attending vagina-art gallery openings…the usual.

John Gunther, We Hardly knew Ya

Episode 303

Noah had a dark, grim, go of it this season: Pill addicted, hallucinating, and attacked by a sadistic prison guard (at least in his mind) with a chip on his shoulder.  A  sadistic prison guard?  how unusual.  You only see that in every single movie/TV show set in prisons! well,  At least this one, portrayed by a bloated, Weight-Watcher Skipping, Brendan Fraser, was also into chick-lit; lustily reading excerpts of Noah’s own book to him in-between beatings. What a guy!   But then, in a complete and cartoon-ish swicheroo,  the show decided to show that Noah’s perception of Gunther was influenced by drug addiction.  In the last episode, a drug-free Noah meets Gunther as a mild-mannered glasses-wearing dad  with a special-needs kid. I found the transition to extreme to be believable.  I’m surprised the show didn’t show Gunther  lovingly thumbing his well-worn copy of “The Handmaid’s Tale” or binging on “The Bachelor” to make his full de-masculation complete.

When In France…Get Slapped In The Face!

Episode 307

I think the writers of the Finale must have just come off a Sex And The City Marathon. In the Sex episode “Set In Paris”,  Carrie gets slapped in the face by an angry artist, Petrovsky and “Big” threatens to punch the artist in the face.  , Noah’s daughter, in The Affair,  is punched in the face by her angry artist boyfriend, Furkat. My question is…Why? Is slapping your girlfriend part and parcel of the French Artist’s Creative process?  Is there something in the water over there? and Why do France’s best artists constantly ignore the obvious advantages of a good, old-fashioned, verbal beatdown?   Well, at least in Sex and the City, the artist had the good taste to create “light installations” (whatever the hell those are!) and not a full exhibit of framed vaginas. That’s just stupid.

While The Husband Has Alzheimers, The Wife Will Play


I guess the writers of “The Affair” wanted to make French Professor, “Juliette” a tad more morally superior to Noah because, although she encouraged her affair with Noah, a former adulterer, convicted and imprisoned for murder, she had a good excuse…her husband had alzheimers.

In the prior season Noah didn’t need a good reason to have an affair with Allison other than she was a Montauk Local. However, since Juliette and Noah were more casual about their tryst because Juliette’s older husband had mentally checked-out, one wonders if they would their affair could have been as guilt-free and reckless if the hubby was just home with a bad head cold.

Reunited And It Feels So… Good?

Episode 310

One of the few positive notes this season was to reunite and reconcile Noah with his estranged children. Sure, he abandoned their mother, got himself locked-up for three years, and showed his interests leaned more toward fornicating more than fathering, but he was self-aware.  He knew he was a self interested ass-hole. He openly acknowledged his dick-dom in a couple of longish, soul searching monologues. Doesn’t that give him automatic closure with his kids?  With this show it does…the episode ends with Noah  acting lovey dov-y with his daughter and setting up a play date with his son.  Now, that’s just good Little House On The Prairie Entertainment right there!





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