Thumb Wrestler 2- The Sequel


 *Thumb Wrestler 2 has been accepted into The International Film Festival, Manhattan. The screening will take place, Friday October 19, 2018, 5:15PM – 7:15PM, at Producers Club 358 W 44th St NYC 10036 (3rd Floor Sonnet Theater). We are being shown with with 5 other shorts. Tickets are available at this link:…

 or $20 at the door!.

Director: Michael Thomas Cain  

Screenwriter: Mark Levitt

Genre: Comedy

Second chances are tempting but some come at a cost… the second installment of the Thumb Wrestler Series finds injured thumb wrestling champ, Newt “The Digit” Feldenstein, bored with conventional life…twiddling his thumbs on the sidelines.

A new scientific breakthrough, a prosthetic Smart-Thumb Technology suddenly offers Newt hope and another shot at the big-time.

Enter Antoinette Legume…vivacious, retired former Olympic Gold-Medalist in Skiing. Like Newt, her career was cut short by a horrible accident during competition. But now, through Prosthetic limb-replacement surgery, this former amputee has “legs for days” and knows how to use them!

What’s Newt’s next move? Should he embrace technology and go under the knife? Is he be risking too much? Will using a new fake thumb compromise the soul of the sport? Does a man with a busted thumb just go and risk everything on a dream?!

As one passes through life, some transitory passions may fade, but can the true fighting spirit of a thumb wrestler ever really be broken?… Find out this 2018 Spring in “Thumbwrestler 2…The Second Thumbing”

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About The Screenwriter–   Mark Levitt  has written, produced, and acted in over 10 short comedies including: Thumb Wrestler (the first installment in this series) which was accepted into the Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2018 and won a “Comedy Award” (Hudson, Ohio), accepted into The Comedy Shorts Film Festival, 2017″ (Online Festival) , was nominated for a Best Concept Award at the Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Fest, 2018 (Jersey City, N.J),  received an Honorable Mention Award at the International Film Festival Manhattan, 2017 (New York, N.Y),  and a Special Mention Award at the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival, 2018.   “Bad Hair Day” which was accepted into The Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Fest 2016, an entry in The NY International Independant Film And Video Festival 2006, and The International Independant Festival Of Cinema and Technology, 2006  “Party Games” (co-directed with Luis Pedron) won the Best Director Award – Short at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF )2004, Receptionist Smart”  won The Independent Achievement Award in the NY International Independent Film And Video Festival 2002, won The Funny Bone Best Comedy Award in the Festival Of The Macabre, Latrobe PA 2002, and won the Grand Goldie Film Award, Palatka Florida 2002. Levitt’s other films include: Smell Me Now, Turkey Day, Take My Family Please, Romcom,  and Gimmee & Grandkid.

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