Thumb Wrestler- A Film From Mark Levitt (29 Minutes)


correctlaurel iffm small


Director: Michael Thomas Cain  

Screenwriter: Mark Levitt

Genre: Comedy

Newt “The Digit” Feldenstein was a world renown thumb wrestler. The best poker and flicker the sport has ever seen: Adoring ringside crowds, luxurious lifestyle, and the green eyed envy of a world who-at very best- must remain contented to use their thumbs for the purposes of hailing cabs or showing approval at something.
But the quick hand of time spares no one…not even a famous “thumbsman”. So, After years at the top of the game, a grim medical prognosis forces Newt into a career tailspin…he is sidelined, shunted aside, and forced to bear the taunts of any random, hungry, thumb-wrestling wannabee who strives to snatch the last vestige Newt’s thumbwrestling crown.
Broken in mind and body, Newt must make a choice… Quit the fight game outright, turn to performance enhancing drugs, or should he accept, adapt, and boldly embrace whatever life throws at him … no matter whose thumb lies in wait for him him at the other side of that next ring.

Thumb Wrestler Trailers 




About The Screenwriter-   Mark Levitt  has written, produced, and acted in over 10 short comedies including: “Bad Hair Day which was accepted into The Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Fest 2016, an entry in The NY International Independant Film And Video Festival 2006, and The International Independant Festival Of Cinema and Technology, 2006  Party Games” (co-directed with Luis Pedron) won the Best Director Award – Short at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF )2004, Receptionist Smart”  won The Independent Achievement Award in the NY International Independent Film And Video Festival 2002, won The Funny Bone Best Comedy Award in the Festival Of The Macabre, Latrobe PA 2002, and won the Grand Goldie Film Award, Palatka Florida 2002. Levitt’s other films include: Smell Me Now, Turkey Day, Take My Family Please, Romcom,  and Gimmee & Grandkid.



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